• FAMU-FSU Institute for Engineering Approved
  • First Class Admitted — 35 Students


  • First Graduation — 13 Degrees awarded in April


  • First ABET Accreditation in 3 Departments (M.E., E.E., C.E.)
  • Name changed to FAMU-FSU College of Engineering


  • Masters Programs (M.E., C.E., Ch.E., E.E.) Established
  • ABET Accreditation in Ch. E.


  • BS Program in I.E. implemented
  • 2 PhD Programs (M.E., Ch.E.) Implemented
  • Phase I Building (110,000 sq. ft.) occupied
  • Joint Management Agreement ratified; Joint Management Council established
  • Undergraduate enrollment exceeds 1000


  • Full ABET Accreditation of Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering Programs
  • Sponsored Research Funding at $2M annually


  • Enrollment passes 2000 (1937 Undergraduate, 145 Graduate)
  • First PhD degree awarded
  • 5 BS Programs (M.E., Ch.E., E.E., C.E., I.E.)
  • 4 MS Programs (M.E., Ch.E., E.E., C.E.)
  • 2 PhD Programs (M.E., Ch.E.)


  • Fifth MS Program implemented (I.E.)
  • Third PhD Program implemented (E.E.)


  • Fourth and Fifth PhD Programs Proposed (C.E., I.E.)
  • Sponsored Research passed $5 M annually
  • Since 1985, 1736 BS degrees granted, 246 MS degrees granted, 16 PhD degrees granted
  • College and Industry Advisory Council cosponsor first Industry Day


  • Construction of Phase II Building, $15M, begins
  • PhD programs in Civil and Industrial Engineering approved


  • Phase II Building (96,000 sq. ft.) Occupied
  • Challenger Learning Center project receives initial funding ($2.5M)
  • Biomedical and Computer Engineering programs proposed
  • Full ABET Accreditation: All Programs
  • Florida Advanced Center for Composite Technologies established
  • Institute for Transportation Technologies established


  • Computer Engineering BS Program approved.
  • Challenger Learning Center enhanced ($8.6M) to include wide-screen theater and moved to downtown Tallahassee
  • Phase III Building planned for 2004 ($20M budget)
  • Total College of Engineering graduates pass 3000 mark


  • MS and PhD in Biomedical Engineering approved ($1M Whitaker Biomedical Foundation grant to support development).
  • Multidisciplinary Design and Training Clinic (MDTC) established
  • Becomes top producer of African American BS engineers with 167 graduates during the academic year Center for Advanced Power Systems established with $52M funding
  • Sponsored Research expenditures reach $7.5 M annually


  • NSF supported Industry-University Cooperative Research Center in Composite
  • Materials established
  • Graduate enrollment reached all-time high of 241
  • Board of Regents dissolved; universities set up as individual corporations
  • Sponsored Research expenditures reach $9 M annually


  • Joint Board of Trustees for the College of Engineering established
  • Board of Governors established by voter referendum
  • Center for Cutting Edge Technologies established (Title III)
  • Sponsored Research expenditures reach $10M annually


  • Center for Intelligent Systems, Control, and Robotics (CISCOR) established
  • Center for Nanomagnetics and Biotechnology (CNB) funded by FSU Cornerstone Program ($1.0M)
  • Challenger Learning Center with IMAX theater and planetarium ($8.6M) opened
  • Sponsored Research expenditures reach $12M annually


  • Sustainable Energy Science and Engineering Center (SESEC) established
  • Enrollment exceeds 2300
  • Pre-Engineering program implemented
  • Full ABET Accreditation: All Programs
  • Since 1985, over 3750 BS degrees granted over 650 MS degrees granted over 70 PhD degrees granted
  • Top ten national ranking as producer of African American Engineers: BS (#3), MS (#6), PhD (#9)
  • Total College of Engineering graduates passes 4500 mark
  • Sponsored Research Expenditures reach $19M annually


  • The College is ranked #2 in producing African American BS Engineers
  • Sustainable Energy Science and Engineering Center established
  • Challenger Learning Center named Best Local Attraction, Best Place to take the Kids, by Tallahassee Magazine
  • COE ranks 15th nationally in production of IE BS degrees


  • 102 companies participated in the Engineering Career Day
  • The College received the first National Institute of Health Career Grant. Recipient: Professor Anke Meyer-Baese
  • Applied Superconductivity Center joined FSU with two engineering faculty members joining the Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • The College has two faculty members as members of the National Academy of Engineering: Professors David Larbalestier and Simon Ostrach.
  • The College received $5.7M from FSU to conduct cluster research in Advanced Materials.
  • Industry Day Keynote Speaker featured Nobel Laureate, Sir Harold Kroto


  • The College Celebrates the 25th Anniversary.
  • The College Building is named the Herbert F. Morgan Building by the state legislature
  • The total active external funding with single and multiyear contracts exceeds $80M
  • Graduated 313 BS; 46 MS and 22 PhD
  • The College has the first NSF career grant received by Professor Helen Li.
  • Florida State University and the College of Engineering received $4M to establish the Center of Excellence in Advanced Materials
  • SESEC begins construction of Zero Emission Building at FSU


  • Established Multidisciplinary Master program in Materials
  • State funded Florida Center for Advanced Aero Propulsion $14.7M
  • State funded Institute for Energy Systems, Economics and Sustainability $6.5M
  • NSF funded Future Renewable Electrical Energy and Management System Center
  • Established Energy and Sustainability Center


  • Opening of Materials Building for High Performance Material Institute
  • College Faculty achieved 20 Society Fellows
  • College received ABET Claire L Felbinger Award for Diversity
  • Engineering Building III Approved for Design
  • Enrollment of Undergraduate Engineering Students exceed 2,000