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For life-threatening emergencies, please call 911. For maintenance emergencies during business hours, please contact the FAMU Service Response Center at 599-3525 or 599-8048. After-hours, please contact the FAMU Central Heating Plant at 599-3266.

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Requestor ↓ Submitted ↑ Room ↓ Issue/Problem
Donte Ford 9/9/2014 A323 Painting of Laboratory
shannon lollie 9/9/2014 out side trash cans are full out side
Mark Weatherspoon 9/8/2014 College Engineering Building B, Room 369 No AC air flow/room is too hot.
Mark Weatherspoon 9/8/2014 B369 AC not functioning properly/room is too hot.
Donald Hollett 9/5/2014 B206N, B221A, B231 Problems with door frames and locks
Lauren Griffith 9/5/2014 Engineering Building A-131 Breaker
Hui Wang 9/3/2014 B-373D Wet tile problem
Gary Eggebraaten 8/29/2014 P412 Wall Needs to be Painted
Eric 8/29/2014 341-A Spilled drink in Mens room stall
Gary Eggebraaten 8/29/2014 A305C, A305, A313 Temperature Still Too High
shannon 8/27/2014 out side wasp next inside the bus stop area
Zhibin Yu 8/26/2014 Engineering building A, Room 248A setup voicemail for the above phone
Donte Ford 8/26/2014 B372 Place Paper Holders on Doors
Petru Andrei 8/26/2014 COE 364/AME213 No lights in classrooom
Donte Ford 8/26/2014 B372 Paint patch work by room B353
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