Senior Design Project (CGN 4802)

Catalog Description

Prerequisites: CGN 4800; student must have senior standing; completed all basic, core, and proficiency courses; and have approval of their adviser as well as permission of the instructor.

A capstone senior-level design course integrating the knowledge gained in undergraduate studies. Completion of a team-based design project covering several sub-disciplines in civil or environmental engineering. Industry and professional participation.

Course Outcomes

The basis of this course is the application of civil and environmental engineering fundamentals to the completion of meaningful real-life projects. Students who satisfactorily complete this course should be able to apply the following competencies upon graduation:

  1. Ability to design systems, components, or processes gained through design experience integrated throughout the curriculum;
  2. Function on interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary teams;
  3. Identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems;
  4. Understand ethical and professional practice issues; including project design execution, and delivery; and the importance of professional licensure.


To achieve the Course Outcomes, the following methods will be used to assess progress:

  • Weekly project accountability meetings with the instructor.
  • Submittal of meeting summaries.
  • Regular technical consultations with CEE faculty mentors.
  • Oral defense of project at the end of semester before a panel of faculty and industry evaluators.
  • Equal contribution by all group members in work products.
  • Peer evaluations.
  • Strength of technical skills used to design the project
  • Completeness of final technical reports, drawings, and specifications to prepare the project for construction.