Academic Appeals Process and Procedures

Academic Appeals Process and Procedures

The College of Engineering has developed this process to review student requests to retroactively drop or withdraw from a course, or, retroactive readmission from an academic suspension or dismissal. If you only wish to appeal a course grade or file a grievance, you should complete a Grade Appeal Form (available in Student Services Office).

Feel free to contact the Office of Student Services at (850) 410-6361 if you have any questions or need additional information.

Important Deadlines

  • Summer 2018 Appeals Deadline: June 8, 2018
  • Results emailed to students by: July 27, 2018
  • Fall 2018 Appeals Cycle to open by: August 20, 2018

Retroactive Drop or Withdrawal Appeal Procedure

To file an Academic Appeal to the College of Engineering, please select this link Online Appeals Form

Please note: In order to access the appeals form you will need a valid Engineering account and password. Please see the Office of Student Services or Office of the Associate Dean for instructions on obtaining an account. (Panama City students, call 850-410-6361 or 850-410-6423). Need to reset your password? Email the Help Desk, visit room A332 or call (850) 410-6446.

Academic appeal requests are reviewed by a committee of engineering faculty members who vote to approve or deny the request. The committee's decision is based on (1) your written justification, (2) supporting documentation, (3) your academic record, and (4) the number of previous appeals granted. It is critical that your written justification clearly demonstrates that the situation was outside of your immediate control. The committee will not approve requests that are justified due to (a) poor time management, (b) poor decision making, (c) poor planning, or (d) bad luck. Also, courses with a grade of 'C-' or better and courses which have been adjudicated or are under review for academic honor policy violations are not eligible for retroactive actions. Generally, the entire semester is required to process all requests. To check the status or review the outcome of your case, you may email Frederika Manciagli directly.

Retroactive Drop or Withdrawal Appeal Policy

The College of Engineering has developed this process to review student requests to retroactively drop or withdraw from a course, or, for retroactive readmission from an academic suspension or dismissal.

  1. Retroactive Course Drop/Withdrawal Process

    An application for a retroactive course drop or withdrawal must be made within one year of the original course attempt. Applications received after one year will not be accepted. It is recommended that you submit your application during the semester immediately after taking the course. Please note the deadline for appeals each semester listed at the top of the page. All applications received after the deadline are deferred until the next semester. So, if you missed the deadline in the last semester your application is eligible for review, it will not be accepted for review.

    In your application, you must indicate one of the following four reasons for your request:

    1. medical,
    2. death of an immediate family member,
    3. military service obligation, or
    4. other.

    Your written justification must make it clear that the events were outside of your immediate control. You should specifically address why this situation affected the class or classes you wish to drop and not other courses you were also taking that semester. You should also describe what steps you took to mitigate the problem. For example, the committee wants to know why you did not drop the course before the semester course drop/withdrawal deadline.

    It is vital that you submit supporting documentation. Please bring it to Room B-111 at the College of Engineering by the application deadline. Applications without supporting documentation will not be reviewed.

    Finally, the College of Engineering does not approve retroactive course drops or withdrawals for GPA repair, if you do not need course anymore, you did not know the engineering withdrawal deadline, etc.

  2. Retroactive University Withdrawal Procedure/Process

    If you need to drop or withdraw from every course you took during a semester, you must request a retroactive university withdrawal. You will follow the same procedure listed above for the Retroactive Course Drop/Withdrawal process.

  3. Reinstatement from University Suspension or Dismissal

    The following options are available to students who have been suspended or dismissed from their home university and wish to be reinstated or readmitted back into the college.

    If this is your first dismissal or suspension, you may be eligible for immediate reinstatement if your GPA is close to 2.00. We define "close" as being within six (6) quality points of a 2.00. To determine if you may qualify for an immediate reinstatement, multiply the number of semester hours you have attempted by two (2) and subtract your current total number of quality points. If the difference is less than or equal to six (6), you may qualify for immediate reinstatement. You should call the Student Services Office at (850) 644-6361 for more information.

    If this is your first dismissal or suspension and you have more than a six (6) quality point deficit, you will need to apply for re-admission to the engineering program. You will need to sit out the semester while your application is under review. In your written justification, you should elaborate on what problems or challenges you faced which contributed to your dismissal or suspension, how you have solved these problems, and how you plan to avoid being dismissed or suspended again.

    If you have already been dismissed, you will need to contact the Student Services Office at (850) 410-6361 to determine if you are eligible to continue in engineering.