Academic Deadlines

Summer 2018

Summer session dates

  • 12-week session (FSU 'A', FAMU 'C'): May 14-August 3
  • 1st 6-week session (FSU 'B', FAMU 'A'): May 14-June 22
  • 2nd 6-week session (FSU 'C', FAMU 'B'): June 25-August 3

Drop/Add Deadline with fee reimbursement:

Students are responsible for dropping any courses that are not needed by drop/add deadline. Courses left on your schedule after the drop/add deadline are fee liable.

Session 13-week 1st 6-week 2nd 6-week
FAMU May 18 May 18 June 29
FSU May 17 May 17 June 29

Last day to drop/withdraw from a course

Note: this summer deadline policy is different than the regular semester course drop/withdraw policy. Please refer to the Student Guide for the regular semester course drop/withdraw policy.

Session 13-week 1st 6-week 2nd 6-week
Drop/Withdrawal Deadline July 6th(engineering courses only) Follow university deadlines Follow university deadlines
Non-Engineering courses--follow university deadlines

Retroactive Course Drops/ Semester Withdrawal Appeals Deadline: June 8th, 2018

Did you do poorly in a course due to extenuating circumstances beyond your control? If so, you might consider applying for a retroactive course withdrawal. Please go to (Quick Links/Grievance/Appeals Process), or contact the Office of Student Services, B-111, for more information. This will be your last opportunity to request a review of courses taken during the Summer 2017 Semester.

Graduation Application Period: May 21st - June 1st 2018

Additional information:

It is the student's responsibility to be aware of the prerequisites for any engineering course in which he or she is enrolled. Failure to satisfy course prerequisites may result in cancellation of your course enrollment at any time during the semester with no refund of tuition or fees. To avoid any fee liability, it is the student's responsibility to drop the course on or before the Drop/Add Deadlines listed above.