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Welcome to the Florida A&M University - Florida State University College of Engineering Center for Academic Support in Engineering (CASE) Laboratory. The CASE Laboratory is an academic support unit that provides assistance to undergraduate students who may need help in introductory and core engineering courses. The goal of the CASE Tutorial Laboratory is to support students' efforts by providing an environment where they may receive one-on-one help from a tutor or use resources available at the laboratory.


The CASE Laboratory provides tutorial support for many of the entry-level engineering courses offered by the various academic departments within the College of Engineering. Students should check the Tutorial Schedule provided below before coming to the laboratory to seek assistance. Operating in conjunction with tutorial services offered at both Florida A&M University and Florida State University, the CASE Laboratory also provide students direction and support in finding help with Level 2000 and 3000 Math courses, General Physics, and General Chemistry courses.


The CASE laboratory is staffed by qualified graduate students. Students may seek out their Teaching Assistants (T.A.) for extra help or may ask any of the tutors on duty for help. With the variety of tutors in the laboratory, students will find someone with whom they can learn.


The tutors will help students with all aspects of their understanding. They will help students develop a conceptual understanding and to learn how to solve problems. Students are encouraged to come and ask questions on their homework, on lecture, or on background material. The tutors in the CASE laboratory will not give answers to homework and expect that students are looking to supplement their own work. Tutors will help students by discussing with them the ideas and techniques that will enable a student to be successful on their own. Students seeking assistance must bring along lecture notes and textbook for the course in which assistance is needed.

Special Topic Sessions

The CASE laboratory will periodically offer mini lectures on topics of special interest. The special topic sessions will be offered as supplements to many of the courses covered in the departments. A schedule of special topics sessions will be announced when available.

Other Aids: Computers, Reference Texts

The laboratory has computers that students may use as study aids. These computers may be used to access college and departmental on-line resources, Blackboard, programs used in the student's courses, and the World Wide Web. Other resources available in the Laboratory include a library of reference textbooks covering many sciences, math, and engineering subjects.

Hours of Operation

The Laboratory is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm. Students are to check the appropriate schedule below before coming to the laboratory.


The CASE and GAANN tutorial laboratories are located in room A225 (Engineering Library).

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