Current Students

Peer Mentor Program

Now that's ...S.M.A.R.T.

Student Mentoring and Recruiting Team (SMART) is a program designed to enhance academic and leadership success by facilitating opportunities that will increase student access to and inclusion in academic, professional resources and leadership opportunities. Join SMART for the chance to create sense of community among those in engineering, increase student involvement, and enable success and development in your academic, social, and personal endeavors exciting opportunity.

The SMART program is composed of two different main components:


Mentoring in the College of Engineering facilitates a student's academic, personal and leadership development through networking and the sharing of known resources, expertise, skills, perspectives and proficiencies by an experienced individual.


Recruiting consists of SMART members supporting the efforts of the College in familiarizing prospective students with what the College of Engineering has to offer. This will also include actively participating in College events such as Orientation, Previews, JETS, etc.

Who Can Participate

All students at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering are eligible to participate in the SMART program. Freshman and first-year transfer students can participate as mentees and recruiters. Sophomores, juniors and seniors can serve as mentors and recruiters.

What's in it For You?

Access. As a SMART mentee, you will have access to College of Engineering (COE) people and resources. As a mentor you will know that you are providing support and resources to new COE and helping enhance their transition to the COE way of life. SMART members are also invited to participate in special events and key COE happenings.

Inclusion. You will be teamed up with a small mentoring group that will include new students, returning students who know their way around COE. The peer mentors will share their own academic, leadership and personal stories while also supporting you through your journey.

Success. Mentoring meetings will give you the opportunity to hear what has helped COE students succeed. To enhance your success, the mentoring meetings will consist of discussions and activities that will invite mentoring team members to explore past achievements, future goals, role models, and constructive thinking.

Knowledge. The SMART members will be trained to be ambassadors, and are well versed in the history and traditions of The College of Engineering, dealing with diverse populations, etiquette, and general college knowledge.