Current Students

New Course Drop Policy (Effective Fall 2017 Semester)

The Course Drop/Withdrawal policy at the College of Engineering is different from the policy used at either university. Undergraduate engineering students may “drop” (or withdraw) from any course in the current semester for any reason up-to and including the 7th week of classes. There may be financial aid, excess credit hours and other implications for dropping a course, so you should always contact with your academic advisor first. Engineering "Late Drop" period goes into effect after the 7th week and up-to the late drop deadline of each semester. Depending on your academic classification, there are restrictions on the number of times you will be permitted to “late drop” a course during this period.

They are as follows: all pre-engineering students and students classified as Basic Division (UGST) by FSU are limited to a total of two (2) “late drops” only. Students who reach their “two late drops” limit will NOT be permitted another late drop until they enter their intended engineering major and for FSU students leave Basic Division. Students who are coded in a degree granting engineering major and not FSU students classified as Basic Division (UGST) are permitted a grand total of three (3) “late drops” only.

No drops will be permitted after the “late drop” period except in documented cases of administrative error, death in the immediate family, personal illness, or military service obligation. The drop/withdrawal deadlines are posted on the College of Engineering webpage each semester and provided in an email sent to all students with engineering accounts. Students will be responsible for the grades they receive in all courses enrolled in the semester after the course drop/withdrawal deadline.