Dr. Cheryl Xu has moved from Florida State University (FSU) to North Carolina State University (NCSU) in the Fall 2018.



The research interests in our lab are advanced manufacturing of multifunctional ceramic composites, high temperature sensor design and manufacturing, process optimization and control through artificial intelligence (AI).

We focus on manufacturing of multifunctional ceramic materials, especially on their electric/dielectric and thermal properties, and how to manufacture such materials for high temperature applications. With unique properties such as high melting point, oxidation resistance, chemical and thermal stability, high hardness and strength, etc., ceramic materials are used extensively in extreme condition applications, such as hypersonic vehicles, turbines engines, power plants, and nuclear reactors.

Using polymer-derived ceramics (PDCs) as our primary substrate. material’s microstructure, mechanical and electrical properties are all controllable, depending on their sintering temperature. When doped with other elements (e.g., N, Al, B) or reinforced with other filler (e.g., carbon nanotubes, metallic powders), the material’s electrical, thermal and mechanical properties can be further manipulated. Such studies provide great flexibility in design and manufacturing and meet a wide range of application requirements, such as high temperature sensor design, electromagnetic (EM) absorption material, conformable patch antennas, high temperature radio frequency (RF) transmission line materials, metamaterial designs for extreme condition applications, etc.


we are grateful for the support from AFOSR, AFRL, ARO, ONR, NSF, DOE, NASA, General Dynamics, FSU Office of Research, etc.

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