Engineering Study Information


The Florida Board of Governors (BOG) has hired the external consulting firm, Collaborative Brain Trust (CBT), "to conduct an academic feasibility study of the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University-Florida State University Joint College of Engineering (Joint College) that will analyze the pros and cons of maintaining the status quo collaboration that currently exists between the two universities with respect to the College of Engineering, including an examination of the original mission of the Joint College, and the pros and cons of developing differentiated engineering programs at each university." The results of the study will be presented to the Board of Governors and to the Florida Legislature.

A copy of the BOG Request for Proposals (RFP) can be found here:

The CBT study team is led by co-project directors: Dr. James Bean and Dr. Robert Dixon. A copy of CBT's proposal can be found here. It contains the curriculum vitae of all key project personnel. The CBT team will visit the College of Engineering campus from September 8th to September 10th gathering on-site qualitative information about the college though focus groups and interviews. A copy of the tentative visit schedule can be found here:

According to the RFP, a draft study report is due to the Board of Governors by November 19. 2014. This report will be made available to the BOG, FAMU, FSU, and, if necessary, the United States Department of Education Office of Civil Rights to provide an opportunity for review and comment. The final written report is due to the Board of Governors by December 19, 2014.

The consultants are required to make a presentation on the report to the Board of Governors at a meeting to be held in January or February 2015. They are also required to make up to five presentations on the report to the Florida Legislature prior to and/or during the 2015 legislative session.


The PRELIMINARY DRAFT of the Engineering Study has been released, and is available here. See also the Appendices, and the Appendices with the works cited. The report is a PRELIMINARY DRAFT and changes are expected to be made to it prior to submission of the final report to the BOG.

The consultants, CBT, have created three email addresses for student, faculty, staff, alumni, and other interested parties to send comments regarding the ongoing Engineering Study. The email address for faculty is, the email address for students and staff is, and the email address for alumni and other interested parties is

- FAMU-FSU Joint College of Engineering Review: Charge and Timeline: CBT University Consulting