Energy Research at College of Engineering

Energy Research Highlights

College of engineering faculty members have engaged in many energy-related research topics ranging from batteries to green building technology. They have worked collaboratively with fellow researchers all over the world in many multidisciplinary research centers by establishing state-of-the-art facilities and organizing educational and outreach activities. They focus on a broad set of research activities, including advanced energy storage devices, nanomaterials for energy applications, thermal optimization and control of power systems, Smart Grid development, alternative energy sources and green building technology.

These researchers come from all five engineering departments and either lead or are affiliated with the following multidisciplinary research centers focusing on energy and/or energy materials research topics.

Advanced Materials for Energy-related Applications

Advanced EnergyGroundbreaking research and development of innovative materials and energy applications has played a major role for the technological advancement of modern society. Nevertheless, in order to meet the challenges presented by climate change and societal sustainability, we need to devise new strategies to use conventional and alternative energy resources in order to reduce global dependency on fossil fuels. To promote innovative solutions to these challenges, the development of new materials and their integration with the energy applications is critical.

Researchers Program Affiliation Research Topics
J. Zheng ECE
Ultralow Platinum Loading and High Durability Fuel Cells & High Energy Density Supercapacitors
D. Larbalestier
E. Hellstrom
Superconductors for High Field Magnets
M. Zhang/J. Zheng IME, HPMI/ECE, AME Silicon and Carbon Nanowires for Batteries
S. Ramakrishnan,
J. Telotte
J. Collier
CBE Biomass to Biofuels
S. Ramakrishnan,
J. Telotte
T. Siegrist
Ultra-light Weight Hybrids, Foams and Green Bodies
R. Liang IME, HPMI Flexible Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices
C. Zeng IME, HPMI High Efficiency Electrodes for energy generation and storage
T. Liu IME, HPMI Nanomaterial Composites for Energy Applications
Y. Xin NHMFL Electron Microscopy Facility for Energy Research
O. Okoli IME, HPMI 3D Photovoltaic Microwires & Bio-inspired Triboluminescent Sensors
S. Foo ECE Multi-junction Solar Cells
E. Kalu CBE Engineered Energy Materials & Binder-free Electrodes

Energy Systems Applications

EnergySeeking sustainable energy resources that are more efficient, cost effective and can mitigate environmental impacts is among the most critical issues that the world will have to grapple with in the 21st century. The development of energy systems will demand clear insight and collective efforts from all stakeholders taking into account the many related global, economic, environmental, societal and technological concerns. Currently, engineering faculty members have engaged in many energy-related research topics ranging from to micro-algae growth to green building technology.

ResearchersProgram AffiliationResearch Topics
B. Locke CBE Plasma Chemical Reactors for Organic Synthesis
C. Edrington ECE, CAPS Energy Conversion and Intergration
A. Krothapalii ME, ESC Green Building Technology

Simulation and modelingSimulation and Modeling

Engineers use modeling and simulation to define system requirements, project system performance, and optimize the design processes. Taking advantage of computational resources such as the real-time digital power simulator, faculty can design energy applications and power systems with improved efficiency and lower cost.

ResearchersProgram AffiliationResearch Topics
P. Andrei ECE, AME

Modeling, simulation, and optimization of Li-air batteries and proton exchange membrane fuel cells

J. Ordonez ME, AME, CAPS, ESC Thermal Management and Thermodynamic Optimization of Energy Systems
R. Meeker CAPS

High-penetration solar PV deployment
Sunshine State Solar Grid Initiative (SUNGRIN)