New joint seed grant program in biomedical-bioengineering technologies

Florida State University College of Medicine, the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering and Mayo Clinic Florida announces the Collaboration for Accelerated Innovation (CAI) program. The program is designed to cement new collaborations.

The pathway for product innovation to commercialization of research results is difficult to navigate, particularly for inexperienced inventors.

To assist in successful research to market results, the CAI program is providing funding and intellectual resources to navigate from new technology to commercialization.

The goal of the new biomedical-bioengineering technologies grant program is to provide seed funding to allow technologies to obtain a level of maturity that could allow a more robust application for next stage funding.

Eligible "technologies" cover any health condition within NIH disease domains where there is an unmet medical need or the potential for significant improvement over current treatments, diagnostics, devices, tools or services.

Download the application instructions.