Post CCTV Slides

Please read the following instructions before submitting CCTV slides:

  • Images created in PhotoShop or other bitmap applications must be saved as Image > Mode > RGB Color.
  • Images saved in CMYK color modes will not display.
  • Images for the CCTV must be saved as a GIF, JPEG, JPG, or PNG.
  • The size of the images should be no larger than 768x1024 pixels.
  • Use at least a 24 point or 32 pixel font size for all text.
  • If you are using Microsoft PowerPoint to create slides you must set the page size to 10.67x8 inches before saving the slides as PNG or JPEG images. DO NOT save or submit the slides as PPT or PPTX files.

Hello, my is and my is . I would like to have the following image(s) displayed on the college televisions at 12:01 AM and at 11:59 PM.

Thank you.