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Larbalestier accepts nomination to join the National Materials and Manufacturing Board

David C. Larbalestier (right) and Eric Hellstrom (left)

David C. Larbalestier, Ph.D., Francis Eppes Professor of Mechanical Engineering, FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, has been nominated for service on the National Academies' National Materials and Manufacturing Board (NMMB). Larbalestier is also Director of the Applied Superconductivity Center, and chief materials scientist in the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.

Upon hearing of his acceptance to the National Materials and Manufacturing Board, FAMU-FSU College of Engineering Dean J. Murray Gibson, responded, "I am thankful that David Larbalestier is doing this. It is an important opportunity on the national stage and this is a very opportune time."

The NMMB is the principal forum at the National Academies for issues related to materials and manufacturing and has oversight responsibility for National Activities studies in these areas.

Current activities include a joint project with National Academy of Engineering to develop a vision for the future of National Science Foundation-supported center-scale multidisciplinary engineering research and a study just underway that is evaluating materials and manufacturing issues associated with connectors used on critical undersea safety equipment.

"Larbalestier had been recommended by several people as someone who would make a valuable addition to the Board," said James C. Lancaster, Ph.D., Director Board on Physics and Astronomy, and Acting Director National Materials and Manufacturing Board. Lancaster was instrumental in facilitating Larbalestier's nomination.

The Board meets twice per year to discuss progress on current projects and the need for future activities. NMMB members work with National Academies' staff to find candidates for report panels and the NMMB also oversees several sub-committees on specific areas of materials and manufacturing.

More information about the Board and current members can be found here: